St Peters Renovation-Extension-Adelaide-South-Australia

St Peters Renovation-Extension-Adelaide-South-Australia

st Peters renovation Builders Adelaide SA

 St Peters Renovation-Extension-Adelaide-South-Australia, with some professional planning advice from Compass Homes, you can add the following.

Space,& features, in addition, to balance for your home without the headache of buying and selling.

In this project, it was requested by the client to do all the work in traditional, original workmanship in all aspects of the job.

Our mission

Compass Homes was more than happy to follow the code, as we pride ourselves in listening to your needs in detail.

The timber floors 32mm, the electrical points architectural brass, the windows, complimenting the era with lead light glass.

Then the bathroom fittings also originating from various jobs and salvage centers were stored in large sheds and awaiting installation.

The hardest task was finding sandstone to match the existing, in addition, the porch needed to be constructed in similar to the fifties with tessellated tiles installed. And slate stone perimeter stepping stone.

Furthermore, originality a key factor traditional original workmanship in all aspects of the job Compass Homes is happy to follow the code as we pride ourselves on detail.

Compass is committed to combining people and technology to develop and improve effective systems. In order to create great homes or business and communities.

We are passionate about all creative activities, and in living authentically and responsibly in our personal as well as professional lives.

Driven mostly by integrity and loyalty.

St Peters Renovation-Extension-             Adelaide-South-Australia

 The owner Nick Kiriakakis, A local businessman, in operation for over 27 years, moreover.

with a compatible history, of excellence and reliability making us worthy of your confidence.

We are a family owned business, dedicated to creating lifestyle driven homes or Business and communities based on their needs.

Wants and desires, of our clients and their families.

St Peters Renovation-Extension-Adelaide-South-Australia By Compass Australia Homes


St Peters Renovation-Extension-Adelaide-                                     South-Australia