North Adelaide City Job Renovation


North Adelaide City job Renovation

Here in this North Adelaide City job Renovation, we had the pleasure of working under one of the principal Adelaide Builders.

With multimillion dollar contracts under their banner to construct 80% of the works, North Adelaide city job just an appetite, one great team that integrates fine architects, construction, managers, engineers, supervisors and much more.

North Adelaide City job Renovation

This Prestige property was in need of a major renovation, and another extreme makeover.


An Approximate 70 % of the existing interior walls- roof- and floors were demolished.

Site Cut

Roughly 450 Cubic meters soil was removed from the site as it was at about 15-degree angle, this was necessary to construct a new extension on a flat surface eliminating the need for split levels.

Architectural drawings

Well drafted Architects drawing were applied to construct a modern extension, additionally to remodel the existing, via modernize the entire property internally but to keep the originality of the existing structure.


Originally build with blue stone, we employed a Stonemason closer to that era approximately 70 years old stone mason to undertake the restoration process as it was done in those days.


A specialist slate tile roofer was also employed to restore existing.

Interior walls

Walls made of loose stone and clay approximately 500 mm thick were hand demolished, as some of the work was carried out on timber floors.

The amusing part in this was, at the end of the day, all of the trades including myself were covered in clay dust, and with body perspiring mix in, it was much like those clay Chinese soldiers, buried underground by the emperor thousands of years past time.


North Adelaide City job Renovation

Amazing Transformation by Compass Homes  – before & after

North Adelaide City job Renovation

Restoration of heritage property-North-Adelaide

North Adelaide City Job Renovation