Award winner Adelaide Ingoldby

        Award winner!Adelaide Ingoldby

Award winner!Adelaide Ingoldby, This project is unique not only as a winner of the architect award of the year but also has the following fixtures.

we constructed the entire roof of the cellar door on steel columns, and the cross fixed 15 L meter trusses were built on the site, by myself personally.

As there was not one single company or carpenter in Adelaide with the experience/knowledge to construct the double spliced trusses.

Materials consist as follows

  • Trusses material is timber Kapur, supplied by Bone Timber it was used for its ability to its lengthy span
  • Rafters are Kiln Dried Oregon, supplied by Bone Timber
  • The ceiling is western red cedar supplied by Bone Timber
  • Gusset plates by Bianco
  • Steel columns constructed by Bianco
  • Glass and  glazing by Festival Glass
  • the doors and windows material is western red cedar, constructed by West Thebarton Joinery
  • The Hydraulic struts for the windows by Strut Re-Gas (SA)
  • Highlight windows gazebo tape awnings automatic openings

          Award winner!Adelaide                                       Ingoldby