Adelaide multiple story Renovation home Makeovers

      Adelaide’s multiple stories Renovation In

Adelaide’s  City 

Adelaide multiple stories Renovation Compass Australia Homes  are proud to be part of the team that constructed this prominent modern multiple story renovation.

Under the supervision of principal builder AGC PROJECTS,who employees a professional team of construction managers,supervisors, architects,and engineers.

We converted this “out-of-date” three-story office building, into an urban residential and Offices complex.

In addition,we added two more levels, and a second lift to service residence.

The property has many views into its surroundings which include popular restaurants, shopping malls and a hospital close by.

One of the most popular attractions is the view to the Clipsal 500, an annual motor racing event for Supercars held in the city streets of Adelaide.

Held at east end of Adelaide, South Australia


Adelaide multiple story Renovation

                    Adelaide multiple story Renovation